Brotherhood of Coin

In that moment, Gill knew he had made a mistake. A terrible, horrible, no good mistake.
— Parables for Children: Gill and the Brotherhood
  The Brotherhood of Coin was a thieves' guild which operated in the Andisol Valley during the latter half of the 3400's. They sustained a rather impressive heist streak for almost a decade until their sudden disappearance in 3491.   Sceptics claim they stole from the wrong target and were eliminated in retaliation. Those who know better believe the Brotherhood were the first to discover how to harness the power of Vitriol Magic, and the first to pay the price for its use.

Historical Basis

While the cause of their disappearance remains a mystery, there is much historical documentation stating that the Brotherhood of Coin was, in fact, an actual entity which operated in the northern Andisol Valley, starting sometime around 3446 until mid-3491, when all mentions of their criminal activities suddenly cease.
— Conspiracies of Malay, official tour script excerpt
Founding of the Brotherhood
Historians believe the Brotherhood of Coin was officially founded in 3446 when several active thieving families in the Andisol Valley decided to join forces in a common effort. Membership in the guild was limited to family members, requiring hopefuls to marry into one of the founding families if they were not born into the Brotherhood. Children were taught the craft of theft from an early age, originally serving as decoys to distract the Brotherhood's victims, and gradually advancing to more complex participation as they came of age.    
Disappearance of the Brotherhood
After decades of profit, particularly 3488 and onward, the Brotherhood suddenly disappeared from the historical record in 3491. Many believe the organization stole from the wrong individual and were eliminated in retaliation, and there are several powerful individuals and organizations who would have been fully capable of doing so.   Others, however, believe the Brotherhood became the first victim of Calamity, the inevitable end for those who encounter too much exposure to Vitriol Magic. Several references to an elevated quantity of mutated individuals attacking merchants and nobles within several cities in the Valley does show this theory to be equally possible.  

Cultural Reception

Join our All Inclusive "Brotherhood of Coin" Three Day Tour Package! Experience the final known headquarters of the Brotherhood! Sleep at their favorite hotel and eat at their favorite restaurants! Experience a full heist reenactment, complete with period dress!
— "Criminal Underworld!" official brochure
  The citizens of Malay are fascinated by historic tales of the criminal underworld in their thriving city and the Brotherhood of Coin remains a particular favorite, likely due to the mystery surrounding their disappearance. Today several tour companies compete for the time and attention of tourists, crafting various walking routes throughout the city accompanied by gimmicks mixed with real history focusing on historic crimes with an especially emphasis on the Brotherhood.
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Vitriol Magic
Technology / Science | Jul 14, 2020

Vitriol Magic includes any magical spell cast with the intention to harm another for self personal gain.

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