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Lophelian Ocean

The endless reefs of the Lophelian Ocean are legendary. The warm, shallow waters of the ocean provide a welcoming environment for shallow water coral to thrive, in turn attracting a vast array of marine life to shelter and thrive within the reefs.


The Lophelian Ocean is an extremely shallow ocean of Fillimet. The continent of Icewhal borders the Lophelian to the north, while Nomura and Khalembra form the ocean's eastern and Southern shores, respectively. The island continents of Drakona and Ovavea form the western boundaries of the Lophelian.

Fauna & Flora

The Lophelian Ocean is particularly famous for its large collection of Coral reefs. Shallow water coral thrive in the surprisingly shallow and warm waters.   Due to the fields of coral and their welcoming shelter, the Lophelian Ocean is teeming with life. Fish, Shellfish, and marine invertibrates thrive within the reefs, in turn attracting predators to the reefs. Birds are also found surprisingly far from shore within the Lophelian's welcoming waters.

Natural Resources

Fish and other marine animals are found in abundance, making the Lophelian Ocean popular with fishermen. Care must be taken when fishing, however, due to the shallow nature of the ocean and the prevalence of coral reefs supporting the fish population.
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