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Martoka Island

Martoka Island is best known as home of the Fillimet Magical Archives, home of all known knowledge and housed in the Mines of Martoka. The island is also home to many descendants of The Calamity at Kogal Island and their flocks of sheep.


Martoka Island is the southeastern island of the continent Ovavea. Three oceans surround the island, the Lophelian Ocean to the north, the Min Ocean to the southeast, and the Drakonan Ocean to the west.   The island is spotted with wooded areas, mostly to the southwest, and contains a freshwater lake in the northeast. Beneath the island lies a large salt dome.

Fauna & Flora

In addition to the local wildlife Martoka Island is also home to several herds of sheep, descendants of survivors of The Calamity at Kogal Island.

Natural Resources

The Mines of Martoka provide a steady stream of Salt, Natural Gas, and Helium to the inhabitants of the island. Fresh water is obtained from the lake in the northeast, and wood for building is available from the small woods to the southwest.
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