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Smirnyal, City of Rebirth, is the southernmost city of Arcturia, birthplace of the famed Kalia Furstek. It is named for Smirnyal, Druid of Rebirth, representing the fourth month in the Druid Circle of Life calendar and the beginning of the planting season.


The Arcturians of Smirnyal consist mainly of Humans and Dracolings, as well as a growing population of Frost Fae now that the War of Generations has ended.


Smirnyal is a well-defended city, with a heavy wall of wood and stone encircling the entire periphery. This defensive structure was built to defend against all forms of enraged wildlife, but could be surmounted by attacks from a sentient foe.   All citizens of the city are still well trained in combat, but with more relaxed requirements and a greater emphasis on personal self-defense now that the War has ended.


Water is obtained via wells throughout the city. The sewer system releases directly into the Islette River downstream from the city.   Suburbs have been built outside the city now that Arcturia is no longer embattled in the War, with fruit orchards now dotting the landscape. This new construction is vibrant and new compared to the imposing structures of the city proper.


Smirnyal is one of the nine major cities of Arcturia, named for Smirnyal, Druid of Rebirth. Physically cut off from its fellow cities for almost two centuries due to the War of Generations, Smirnyal relied upon communication spells to stay in touch with its fellow cities. Risky personal Portal Travel was utilized when absolutely necessary, but Smirnyal was generally otherwise alone.   After the end of the War Smirnyal was the first Arcturian city threatened by the Heathen Crusaders in their attempt to claim the entire Northern Reach for the Church of the Heathen Prophet. Recognizing her people as weary from the War and wary of the losses anticipated from fighting a sentient foe, the shrewd Diplomat Kalia Furstek of Smirnyal requested King Durkot Stormwild IV name her the lead of the negotiation team for Arcturia. Under her leadership the Arcturians negotiated a generous array of agreements from the Heathen Church in exchange for the Annexation of Arcturia. As a result the Arcturians were not only able to maintain their current government structure and way of life but were also able to capitalize on the power and influence of the Heathen Church to further their own economy and wealth.   With both wars behind them and the power of the Heathen Church in their corner Arcturia entered a new age of wealth and prosperity, fittingly led in part by Smirnyal, the City of Rebirth. Today the old city still thrives behind its defensive walls, while new construction and fruit orchards sprawl across the local hills.


Smirnyal is built on a large hill in the Winterwood Forest along the Islette River. As a result the top of the city walls reveal a beautiful view of the surrounding forest-covered hills and meandering river, as well as the growing settlement and orchards outside the city gates.

Natural Resources

As with the rest of Arcturia, Smirnyal's culture is built around the use of animal hides and other products. They have ready access to wood and water due to their location along the Islette River in the Winterwood Forest. Smirnyal still maintains the efficient Aquaponics systems that fed the populace during the The War of Generations, trading the excess to countless cities and organizations across Fillimet, made possible due to Smirnyal's status as a Portal City.
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