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War of Generations

The Frost Fae saw the Arcturians and their thriving, expanding nomadic society within the Winterwood Forest, and were overcome by fear. In an effort to keep their existence a secret while still driving the Arcturians away from their homes in the Lonely Peaks, the Fae sent bewitched wildlife to attack the Arcturians. This forced the Arcturians to withdraw into their stationary winter cities for survival.   The war lasted several generations before the Arcturians successfully located the Frost Fae. After much deliberation and negotiation the two formed an alliance in an effort to promote peace and understanding, and to drive away the fear and anger fostered through generations of war.

The Conflict


The Arcturians has a successful foothold in the Winterwood Forest, continuing to thrive and grow their civilization. The Frost Fae saw this as a threat to their homes in the neighboring Lonely Peaks.


The Frost Fae used their skills in magic to bewitch the local wildlife to attack the cities and towns of Arcturia in an effort to drive them out of the area.


The Arcturians were eventually able to trace the wildlife attacks to the previously unknown Frost Fae.


The Frost Fae of the Lonely Peaks and Arcturians are now allies. Free trade is thriving between the two former enemies, and each has sworn to help defend the other from outside threats. There is still some distrust among the older generation of Arcturians due to memories of loved ones lost to the wildlife, but the younger generations have already embraced the peace.

Historical Significance


The Arcturians have built their traditions around defense of their homes, due to generations of war.   These same traits mean the typically overreaching Church of the Heathen Prophet maintains a fairly hands off approach to Arcturia, even though the country has agreed to become part of the Heathen Church's territory.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
After generations of war fueled by fear, both sides are now working to support a lasting alliance.


Frost Fae


Resilience and stubbornness
Magic, especially the ability to manipulate wildlife


Many, across all ages and walks of life
Few Fae were lost, although the local wildlife populations have a long way to go before recovering their numbers


Defending their homes and way of life
Defending their homes and way of life through attacking the slowly encroaching Arcturians

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