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Forged by centuries of defending against magically antagonize wildlife, Arcturia is an old country skilled in the arts of war with a young heart yearning for peace. The country has developed into a constitutional monarchy in spite of its status as the northernmost territory controlled by the Church of the Heathen Prophet. It is best known for its universal military skill, it's creative and skilled craftsman, and its thriving Aquaponics.


Arcturia lays claim to the Winterwood Forest up to the base of the Lonely Peaks and the shores of the Blackguard Ocean. This territory contains the eight major cities of the coalition and their newly founded supporting towns.


Each citizen of Arcturia learns combat from an early age, first in self-defense and then in defense of their city. Rather than forming a full standing army the cities have developed a system where each citizen is a soldier in reserve, responsible to attend training and exercises one day per week on rotation but otherwise left to their own devices. These reserves are led by a full time Captain at Arms, responsible for the training and equipping of the city's citizens, with supporting roles as required by the Captain dependent upon the size and tactical needs of the city.   Leather armors are traditionally most common due to the availability of animal hides during The War of Generations and the subsequent skills developed by the Leathersmiths. Arcturian Metalsmiths are fairly rare due to the dangers inherent to obtaining metals until the end of the war, and as a result they tend to remain unspecialized, using all forms of metal in their craft. They are also highly skilled in utilizing every last scrap of metal available and have created some alloys unique to Arcturia.


Due to the Annexation of Arcturia the official religion and government of Arcturia is the Church of the Heathen Prophet. Unofficially, the majority of the population still follows the Circle of Life.

Foreign Relations

After over a century of attacks from magically-enraged wildlife in an era now known as The War of Generations, the Arcturians embody an old warlike culture with a young heart yearning for peace. Through the great perseverance of their recently come-of-age youth they forged a peace treaty with the Frost Fae of the Lonely Peaks, ending the War of Generations and allowing their formerly isolated cities to regroup into a now-democratic coalition. When the armies of the Church of the Heathen Prophet threatened the newly reunited coalition the war weary Arcturians sent their best diplomats to broker a lasting peace, agreeing to an annexation with the Heathen Church that maintained their newly won way of life and opened up a new age of prosperity.

Trade & Transport

With the addition of portal travel through the Portal Exchange Arcturia now has ready access to trade across Fillimet.

Strength through Perseverance, Unity through Adversity

Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Economic System
Major Exports
The Aquaponics utilized to feed the population during The War of Generations now provides their greatest exports. Other exports include expert leatherwork and decorative items crafted with unique metallic alloys.
Legislative Body
Due to generations of isolation due to the hazards of travel during The War of Generations, Arcturia has developed from its original monarchy into a confederacy of eight well-defended cities with a full legislature. Each city determines their own election process and quantity of delegates, with each city's representatives totaling to one vote in the collective legislature. The hereditary monarch, now known as the Regional Speaker for Arcturia, presides over the legislature but does not vote except to break a tie or end a stalemate. Each city has an equal say in the business to be discussed throughout the week, although the Regional Speaker selects each day's agenda.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Related Professions
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The Heathen Church believes their annexation of Arturia to be a brilliant victory for their cause. The Arcturians meanwhile view their new overlords as a necessary but generally ignorable inconvenience.

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