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The Way of the Balance

Death brings Life to all things, and that Life brings more Death. Respect the gifts of each. This is the way of the Balance.
— The Way of the Balance
  All life on Jannada is tied into the Tenecknaab, the Link to the Balance. As a result the Jannadan people are intimately aware of their connection to their plane and their impact on the life – and death – around them. Ecknaab is a way of living in respect to that balance.


Ecknaab – The Balance – is the way of living practiced by the Jannadan people. Its teachings focus on the balance between life and death, and how one always gives strength to the other. Practicioners respect the living and the dead around them, working to find their place within it in mutually beneficial ways rather than bending it to their will regardless of its own needs. This often involves Agrokinesis, Zokinesis, or even Biomicrokinesis, which is still in line with the Ecknaab provided the end results are beneficial to the creatures upon which the magic was used.
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