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Arcturian-Heathen Accord

The Arcturian-Heathen Accord was penned by Kalia Furstek, chief delegate of Arcturia, as a terms of surrender to the Heathen Crusades. The document was a masterful collection of praise and subterfuge, launching Arcturia into a new age of wealth and prosperity. Thus ended the short-lived confrontation between the Church of the Heathen Prophet and the Arcturians.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

The Arcturian delegation celebrated the acceptance of the Accord, as it not only allowed them to continue their way of life but also provided multiple economic improvements through the newfound access to the Portal Exchange as well as the new market for their wares. Worship of the Druid Circle of Life continued among its believers, despite the usual restrictions placed upon conquered territories by the Church of the Heathen Prophet, although religious celebrations were provided names with fewer religious undertones as a precaution.   The Heathen Church eagerly accepted the Accord as a resolution to their hunger problems within the rest of their territory due to the trade embargo levied against them by the city states of the Andisol Valley after a failed campaign from the Heathen Crusaders. The ready access to the fabled Arcturian craftsmanship, especially their leatherworked armors, also caused excitement among the more militant Heathens.   The frequent praises of current Chief Speaker Jakk Malix certainly helped the Accord gain approval within upper Church leadership. This may have also helped to disguise the fact that Arcturia had very little to lose in the signing of the Accord, although the Heathen Church's desperation to resolve their food shortages may have been reason enough to proceed.
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