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Heathen Crusades

The Church of the Heathen Prophet successfully militarized their population in a campaign to conquer Nomura under the leadership of the Heathen Church. The Chief Speaker spoke to the Church's loyal followers, inspiring them to act through promises of blessings from the Heathen Prophet for their families, and eternal glory for themselves.

The Conflict


The Chief Speaker, determined to expand the riches and power of the Church of the Heathen Prophet, drove the populace into religious fervor by publicly weeping for those not under the guidance of the Heathen Church. He suggested that true followers of the Heathen Prophet would bring these poor neglected souls under the Heathen Church's authority through any means necessary. Many took it upon themselves to comply with these manipulations and requests.


The Heathen Crusades spanned across the entire Northern Reach and even unsuccessfully dipped into the Andisol Valley.
Included Conflicts
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Ending Date
5743 CFE
Conflict Result
The Church of the Heathen Prophet now controls the entire Northern Reach.


  • Nomura
    Detailed map of the continent Nomura

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