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Fillimet is a bright fantasy world of possibilities built on the foundation of magic available to all, depending upon their aptitude and opportunities to learn its uses. Cultures, professions, and even most non-sapient species have adapted to freely utilize this arcane resource, each tapping into their Imperium in different ways.   Since magic is so easily available it has become the foundation of society, allowing Fillimet's inhabitants to grow and flourish in different and unique ways. Non-magical technology is an afterthought, rarely used or developed except by those unable to access Imperium or uneasy with the long-term effects of heavy magic usage. The standard laws of physics are no longer limitations but rather challenges to overcome or tools to utilize. An individual is most successful when they find their own ways to tap into the magical fields to further their causes.   Regardless of the mission, those who utilize the Imperium regularly are always changed by it.  

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