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A bespoke world building template for anything in your setting

Showcase of the range of World Anvil’s worldbuilding template set serves all genres!
            DnD world building template and a novel world building template are both available.

A bespoke world building template for anything in your setting

World Anvil boasts not just one worldbuilding template! We have a world building template for every aspect of your world, allowing you to create it in as much or a little detail as you like! Each world building template prompts you with questions to help you flesh out your world setting in wiki-like articles, complete with quick mentions and super-speed search, so you’ll be able to track every fragment of your amazing setting!

D&D world building templates for your campaign

If you’re looking for DnD worldbuilding tools, you’re in the right place. Create the perfect tavern for your players to start in, right down to the mega-dungeon, with the Buildings template. World Anvil’s DnD world building template for stat blocks allows you to homebrew monsters, NPCs, weapons and spells! Then use our Country, Organization, Species (for monsters) and settlement world building templates to flesh out your world!

An example of a dnd world building template, just part of the dnd worldbuilding tools on World Anvil
example of a novel world building template, part of an author’s series bible worldbuilding tools on World Anvil

Delve into our novel world building template set!

Keep track of everything in your world with our worldbuilding templates. Authors will love our novel world building template set, which boasts one of the most extensive character creators available! Create cities and settlements for your characters to explore, document strange languages and detail new civilizations, with our world bible template set.

Fantasy world building templates for everything in your world!

For fantasy worldbuilding, check out our spells, rituals and traditions templates! Myths and Legends is another great fantasy world building template from our bespoke set, designed by writers for writers! You can even document supernatural conditions, like Vampirism and Lycanthropy, in the conditions template.

 Example of a fantasy world building template, this is a spell article on world anvil
Example of a sci fi world building template, this is a space ship world building template (vehicle) on world anvil

A sci fi world building template to hail home about

Whether you’re going full Star Trek, with strange worlds and new civilisations, or keeping it close-future, Expanse-style, World Anvil’s sci fi world building template set can help you build a richer, deeper world. Make sure you check out the vehicle template (for all those starships!) and the technology template, perfect for documenting the latest breakthroughs in science and technology!

More world building prompts than you can shake a stick at!

And even better, make sure you check out our world building prompts system! Our prompts are 100% genre agnostic, and whether you’re looking for scifi worldbuilding prompts or fantasy worldbuilding prompts, you’ll find something to inspire you. Many have extra inspiration attached, like videos, blog posts and even public articles of other users who've chosen to share their ideas with the community!

An example of one of the many World building prompts in the world anvil prompts system, which contains both scifi and fantasy prompts designed for both authors and DnD DMs.

Our worldbuilding template set is just part of the ever-expanding World Anvil toolset…

World Anvil is more than just the perfect worldbuilding wiki to organize your series bible or campaign setting.
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