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mirescosmo's WorldEmber 2021
50 of 23 prompts completed

mirescosmo Progress Report

The Beourjen Confederacy

One of three great empires holding dominion over the globe

535 words

Beourjen City

The capital of the Beourjen Confederacy

309 words


Individuals who can sense arcana but not use it

819 words

Fort Brickard

214 words


An orvon soldier in the BC army.

1127 words

Evander Balassar

342 words


202 words


466 words

Misha Veskev

114 words

Blood Arcanist

75 words

Houses of Dignity

321 words

Taeganaire Val'Eax

155 words

Illyria Baskle

269 words

Dominic Veskev

123 words

Ryven Bekkerd

Lead hydro-engineer at Brickard and POV character

348 words

Leski Corver

545 words

Garrett Corver

67 words

The Dreamweaver

241 words

The First Light

1016 words


141 words


89 words


149 words


76 words

Ruskov Marnise

1110 words

Jamie Corrigan

196 words


Beourjen province directly south of Beourjen City

80 words

Jezen Veskev

537 words


410 words

Inigo Alaniss

164 words

Annais Catholden

127 words

The Lottery

186 words

Forged in Blood: A Tale of the Crossing and Crusades

Considered to be the strongest first-hand account of the crusade along the Blood Route

373 words

The Blood Route

The main road that runs between Ethaeras Capitol and Aveaas

268 words


109 words


Third largest city in the globe and the free trade capital of the world

184 words


485 words

Key Dawston

108 words

The Triadic Councils

Main governing body of the BC

311 words

Fjornin Balassar

111 words

Delila Leidevelt

242 words

Daveer Leidevelt

107 words

Dmitri Catholden

48 words

Saoirse Raughdon

141 words

Vallen Raughdon

176 words

Pyramisic Church

137 words

mirescosmo Progress so far

14158 words 141.58% completed!

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I'm a grad student, also reading and writing fantasy in my spare time.

Favorite Books

Blood Song
A Great and Terrible Beauty
The Blade Itself
Promise of Blood
The Ninth Rain

Some Non-fantasy:
The Berlin Boxing Club
Jane Eyre
Measure for Measure
The Ghost Map

Favorite Games

Skyrim, Divinity: Original Sin, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Dragon Age (I grew up a Bioware trash panda), Mount & Blade

Latest Loved work

The Flock of Ignatius IV

Soul Jars

Iron Spires

Roman hairstyle, make-up and jewellery