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A Quick Guide to Potions

A guide to the potions one can encounter within the world

524 words

Potion of Healing

Cure for small injuries and broken bones - but can lead to visions of death and hallucinations past

77 words

Vitukua's Cure

Powerful Healing Potion but can lead to strong hallucinations of fear

1081 words

Ukantriss Family

Noble Family, often at odds with the regent's family. Afflicted by hereditary illness.

106 words

Concoction of the Clear Mind

Temporary Relief for any mental illness, but can lead to powerful and exact visions of events happening at that very moment somewhere in the world

158 words

Lirini's Charme

Potion that increases the consumer's charisma significantly

79 words

Lonlon Digestif

Potion that increases the consumer's digetsion and tolerance of spoiled food

93 words

Bloodfiend's Curse

A Potion tainted by blood before transmuted in the Barrel of the Faithful

139 words

Golden Milk

Milk with exotic spices with a calming effect

125 words

Steadfast Brew

Brew from Grinetun which improves balance

235 words

Spirit of Resistance

Powerful Counteragent against most known poisons but can have powerful hallucinations as a side effect

914 words


The collection of fields with transmutation of materials at their core

870 words


Alchemical Discipline concernd with the transmutation and enhancement of materials

773 words

Ancient Shortrunes

201 words


151 words


Alchemist, concernd with the Creation of Food and Drink

269 words

Trait Profession

87 words

Brookedust Zoo

302 words

Visionatic Snake

SNake with magical hypnotizing abilities

229 words


271 words


716 words

Blue Wunnewalden Tower

An ancient, blue tower on top of the town of Neigstetten

361 words

Old Mother Goat

216 words


535 words

Theolis Huggendeen

119 words

Artist's Ledge

235 words


144 words

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I am a professional software developer and passionate dabbler in all kinds of writing, drawing and designing. Being far from professional in that area I have a lot of fun doing those things anyway and have found my area where I feel highly comfortable - And I really enjoy sharing this fun as a Game Master, Story teller or creator of fun little comics and cartoons.

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