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Deux Morts

A vision of Tesin and the Spirit of the Well.

1300 words

Reaper // Soul Keeper

A vision of Tesin and Carrot, preparing to break the barrier surrounding Night and Ezorod.

668 words

The Unmaker

A nightmare of Zelophedad, the Unmaker.

491 words

Sweet Melody

A vision of Melody and Tesin, working their way through the Sixth Avenue of the Rambling Road.

702 words

Season 6, Episode 6: "Alistair" Report

Tesin breaks the chains keeping her in Night, and opens up old family wounds...

900 words

Can Do Attitude

A vision of Isra and her hunting party, taking down monsters for their valuable parts.

716 words

The Codex of Whispers, Part 1

A vision from the past, of an old dispute between Tera and Ferro.

782 words

The Grandmaster Has Spoken

A vision of Grandmaster Nawa Jin, in his first public appearance since the Pact Summit.

1237 words

Phoenix Flames

A nightmare of Rastelviri.

374 words

A Deal with the Devil

A vision of the Children of the Forge, and some irate Hellknights.

756 words

A Deal with a Demon

A vision of Vaughn Blackblood and Helen, and the righting of an old wrong.

1278 words

The Mourning Lord

A poem by Albus Rickette, describing a mystical, cross-Infinity entity.

1369 words

ROOT Reports

A list of reports put together or augmented by ROOT.

57 words

The Codex of Whispers, Part 2

A vision from the past, of a firefight surrounding old friends.

667 words

A Big Bad Boi

A vision of Isra, a new friend, and a big bad boi.

698 words

Like Lambs to the Shepherd

A vision of hope, as the lambs locate their shepherd.

817 words

The Codex of Whispers, Part 3

A vision from the past, as two guardians complete their journey.

1547 words

A Longshot

A vision of Qwen and Dr. Oculet, sending a package well outside the operations of Pact Worlds Postal.

465 words

A G-Rank Mission

A vision of Isra, picking up bait for her next hunt.

727 words

White Blade // Black Night

A vision of Flay and the tribes of the Ikal Expanse, taking the outer walls of the Formian spire.

518 words

Season 6, Episode 7: "A G-Rank Mission" Report

Isra and her hunting party gear up, and take on the Aspect of the Devourer...

1660 words

Pay Your Dues

A vision of Alexander Marcus and Confluence, discussing the terms of their agreement.

649 words

Cowardice and Bravery

A vision of Shalema and Gregar Taxus, after an attempted assassination.

986 words

Tactical Retreat

A vision of Flay and River, pulling back from the inner walls of the Formian spire.

712 words

Tiger Fist

A vision of Chandra and Kesil, standing tall on the High Ice.

1095 words

Always on Time

A vision of Nicholas Carter, and his punctual nature.

842 words

The Galaxy's Darling

A vision of Meryl, the galaxy's darling.

560 words

King Takes Queen

A vision of Flay and River at camp, and a special guest.

869 words

The Call to Action

A vision of the crew of the Aga Jain, on their way to aid some familiar faces.

437 words

Eviction Notice

A vision of Flay and her team, getting ready to kick the Formians out of their spire.

862 words


An introductory experience to Caesura's mastery of the dreamscape! Dream Team only.

653 words

Prayers in Conflict

A nightmare of Langdon, haunted by the whispers in his head.

630 words


Part 2 of Caesura's Electric Boogaloo! Er, also known as the Golden Inquisition. Dream Team only.

924 words

Blood Diamonds

A vision of Roarin' Ruby and the Virgin Whore, deep in the bowels of Hades Paradise.

914 words


Do you know what time it is? PRIME TIME, BABY! Dream Team only.

754 words

Twilight Bend

A nightmare of many voices, tolling with the songs of the End.

374 words

Hope Besieged

A vision of Gerald and Aziz, and the new arrivals in Absalom.

949 words


Okay fine, I'll start getting to the point! Dream Team Only.

1505 words

House of Keys

A vision of Valentina Terris, and a very troubled Xenowarden.

1301 words

Season 6, Episode 8: "Flay the Spire" Report

The tribes of the Ikal Expanse gather at the base of the Formian spire, with hopes of bringing it down once and for all...

1198 words


I found him. Dream Team Only.

1539 words

The Mask Maker

An ancient artifact birthed from the Other Side.

1479 words

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