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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2020

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe a counter-culture in your world, something outside the mainstream culture of the place.
A total of 404 entries

Bloodmoon Islanders

Children of the Four Worlds

SC2020 - The Azure Guard

Disciples of Do'Loradin

The Mountain Dwarves

The Great Glorifiers

Deep Space Marauders

Gobelins poètes

The Followers of the Natural Order

Worshipers of the Mists

The Final Chapter

The Woolwearers of Ainach

Magical Beings Protection


Orc's of Ghagzughoris

The Monks of The Leviathan

The Weaver and the Handles Woven

Horse Lords Culture

The Dweller Heralds

Cult of the Ice Queen

The Encrors, The Staynes

Gnollmadic Gnoll Tribes

the Baytsolmen Reconstructionists

Bounty-Runners of Verdane

The Wandering Highborn

Brotherhood of the Tern

Guild of Florists and Agronomists.

The Underground Mages of Kragzbarg

The Cult of Hel

Firgenholt Woodsmen

Founders of Quatrelot

Movement for Demons Rights Recognition

Urbanized Vermyn

Lizardfolk of Stethis Tol

Servitude of the Eldrich

Student Culture at the University of Alarca

Matriachal societies

Waver Counterculture

Androids Do Not Bleed

The Professional Cynics

Order of the Fateless

Drastic Reformers

Chalmerie, pacifist agriculturalists

The Lost Children

Order of the Tangled Vine

Igniting 'The Cadre', the Spark of a Revolution

Nación de los Gallinaceos

Intelligent Druids

Revolutionary counterculture

The Orcula, The orcs of the Ox Plains

Believers of Tel-Amun

Inhabitants of the Tower

The Sister’s Regulars

Bloodlantern Chain

Social Willowings -- (Willowings)

The Order of the Unbranded

The Tribe of the Ever-Standing

southron merrymakers

The people of Courters alley

The Order of the Invisible Shield

Locun Shash Commune

The Underground Arcane Society

Followers of Ilak

Dunnd Dwarfs {English}

The Mansheer - Sand and Rock dwellers

The Nurbotu Scarfolk

The Kroblins of the western mountains

The order of Frozen Wisdom

The Animalists of Sagadorm Ethnicity {WASC2020}

Mnorh for Tilgish Freedom and Equality

Charnelism - Charnelite Covens

Generation Two Automatons

Mystic Traditionalists

Metalworkers (Steamheads)

The Pursuers Of The First One

Tsuyoi Otokotachi

The Gifted -Magic Users

The Elves of the Green Slipper

Sympathisers of the Oathbreakers

The Inclusion movement - Culture shift

Benot ha-Adam (Daughters of Men)

Derzok Xyr nyrtzaer

The Last Mythspeakers

The Ghemmintown Ghoulies

Sashou (Elven Reunification Movement)

Utuk'taseg - Those that Seek


Tea-Crazed Oracles

Do Cultists Dream of Sanity?

Travelling halfling communities

The Guild of Living Poets

Natural Magic practices in Saxony

The Black Hand: Changing Brightport From Within (SC'20)

The Ghost Kobolds of Akorros

Children of the End Times

Warriors of Kynath

Heivursmadur - Kämpfer der Ehre

Zeribians of West Island

The Gears Rebellion

Les Intersticiels

The Sages of the Mountain

Die Gilde des freien Herzens

Seafarer Dwarves - a Breed Apart

Unmasked Forest Elves

Bardic Desert Tortle