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rambling starflower

Native to the plane of Rol'na, rambling starflower is a hardy flowering perennial used frequently as groundcover by the Rol'nara. It is most easily recognized by its small star shaped flowers which are typically seen year round in shades of blue or occasionally purple.

Basic Information


Rambling starflower is best identified by its delicate star-shaped flowers, typically shaded blue or occasionally purple. The plant grows well as a low groundcover, its rambling vines frequently digging into the soil as it snakes its way across fields and pastures. A single well-nourished plant can grow to a diameter of several miles if left undisturbed, although a starflower that large would be at least a decade in age. Small green leaves can be found growing at regular intervals along its tangled vines.   Flowers tend to grow in small clumps spread throughout the plant, blooming for up to a week before fading. New clumps of starflowers then bloom in different locations of the plant, until the entire plant has flowered and the cycle begins again in a new random order. In this way the plant maintains constant blooms throughout the year in warmer climates.

Ecology and Habitats

Rambling starflower grows best in full sun although its rambling nature allows it to grow well in partial sun locations as well. It is best suited for the mildly humid plane of Rol'na although it can be grown in most climates provided its sun, nutrient, and temperature needs are met.   Starflower blooms all year as a perennial in tropical climates, while in temperate zones the plant grows as an annual and its flowers can only be seen during the planting and growing season.

Additional Information


While Arbormancy has allowed for the breeding of starflower plants in a vast assortment of colorations these new varieties are nowhere near as hardy as their wild starflower cousin. As a result the wild varieties remain the most popular groundcover in the communal yards of the Rol'nara.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Due to its rambling and hardy nature as well as its low profile, rambling starflower is a popular groundcover for the lands around Rol'nara chromatic huts. The plant is durable and remains largely unharmed by frequent passage over its leaves and tendrils, making it well suited for surviving the outdoor lifestyle of the Rol'nara.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The rambling starflower is native to Rol'na and can be found growing wildly in fields and along roadways throughout the entire plane. In warmer climates across Fillimet it is sometimes also seen growing around portals to the Exchange, with the same plant occasionally straddling both planes at once through the portal.   While some Portal Guides will pull up the wild starflower in these cases, and others sever the plant at the portal, a few prefer to leave the creeping flower intact. In these cases the delicate star-shaped flowers of the plant display the multicolored traits of a creature touched by Interdimensional Magic due to the passage of nutrients through the portal.
Scientific Name
Floritta cosmika
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Height
2 in
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The plant itself is a dark or medium green, with leaves and ground creeping vines baring similar colorations. The flowers of the rambling starflower are naturally blue or occasionally violet. Additional flower colorations have been bred through the use of Arbormancy but the original colorations remain the most common.


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Mar 30, 2020 03:16 by Ademal Jacklyn

I really like the portal aspect of them, that's really neat!

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Mar 30, 2020 11:58 by C. B. Ash

Oh, here you go again, making awesome content... :) The effect of portals on the flowers is FASCINATING to me.   So, materials ... even plants ... become altered by an adjustment in their environment. With nutrients being transferred through a portal to these flowers, does that mean the flowers can - in certain circumstances - be of use as essential components to Arbormancers?   Has any Arbormancers attempted to use this effect to cultivate subspecies of this type of plant?

Mar 31, 2020 16:10 by Morgan Biscup

The portals impact every living thing. So if you traveled through portals a lot and brought your cat and your houseplant, all three of you would eventually start to show the effects but your travel cloak and luggage would not. For whatever reason it only changes things that are alive in some capacity. (I have not determined if undead in whole or part fall under this umbrella).   I suppose regarding Arbormancy it may be useful in some circumstances depending upon what they are trying to do. Could also be useful for chromamancy or even interdimensional magic. That said any plant could take on these aspects if exposed to enough Portal magic. Starflower just tends to be a rather hardy Vining plant that sometimes straddles both sides of portals which remain open for decades at a time. It's this exposure, rather than the specifics of the plant, that make it special.

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