Portal Marks

Portal Marks are colorful swirls coating the skin of an individual, symptoms of repeated Portal Travel and a manifestation of the Third Law of Magic.


Portal Marks are caused by repeated and highly frequent Portal Travel. Once symptoms begin to appear each additional trip through a portal increases the chances of additional effects.


Portal Marks manifest as colorful swirling patterns across the afflicted's skin. The size, density, and variety of colors are all indicators of the level of exposure to Portal Travel. Portal Horses are the most notable examples of this condition.


Portal Marks appear to be a superficial coloration change only. While permanent they provide no additional lasting effects.   Continued portal travel will consistently result in the growth of any existing marks and the addition of colorations.

Affected Groups

Portal Marks can appear on any creature, plant or animal. Creatures are most susceptible during early development prior to their birth or sprouting, although this still requires extremely frequent portal usage.


Avoiding Portal Travel completely will ensure an individual will never develop portal marks, although this is an extreme measure. Infrequent or highly spaced trips will also prevent the marks from developing or even avoid them altogether. Hundreds of trips are required before the first markings will even begin to appear.

Cultural Reception

The culture of the Rol'nara revolves around these colorations, with many viewing them as a sign of beauty. To them, Portal Marks have also come to serve as a symbol of the life and color one individual can bring to the world.
Siara and Dro'lan
Siara and Dro'lan by Sai
Portal Horse
Species | Mar 6, 2020

The Portal Horse is an unshakeable muscular horse comfortable in areas of dense magic. and available for rent to any individual utilizing the Portal Exchange.

Cover image: Nature Forest Trees by jplenio


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