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Frost Flower

The sweet nectar of the delicate frost flowers provides the primary dietary intake of the Frost Fae. The plants themselves require intense cold and strong magical fields as the majority of their structure is supported internally by thin crystalized ice.

Basic Information


The frost flower is an upright branching perennial plant with round lobed compound leaves. The plant and leaves appear as different shades of blue.   The erect flowers are trumpet shaped, displaying an even more varied palette of blues. The delicate blooms last approximately four days each, and must be pinched off after blooming to prevent seeding. A well-maintained plant will bloom year round.   When grown in areas with high magical concentrations the frost flower will also develop vining tendrils which will wrap around any available structures or snake across the ground if no structure is available. These well-fed frost flowers can easily expand upwards to fifty feet in length per vine if cared for properly and no competition ifor resources s present. In the wild these vines tend to limit their size to fifteen feet long or less.

Ecology and Habitats

The frost flower requires ready access to water and draws power directly from the magical fields. It is said the plant uses Hydromancy as an integral part of its growth process, forming the delicate ice crystals that form its structure.

Additional Information


The frost flower is actively cultivated by the Frost Fae, who have learned to manipulate the flavor of the frost flower's nectar based upon the nutrients fed to the flowers as well as the magic to which it is exposed. This has resulted in a rather unique field of horticulture focusing on the flavors of the plan s without any changes to the breed of the flower. As a result a large variety of fantastical nectar flavors are available for consumption.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Frost flower nectar is the preferred source of sustenance for most Frost Fae. The nectar is harvested from the Trumpet of the flowers, with a single plant producing enough nectar to feed a Frost Fae family of four if constantly harvested.   While the flower itself has not been successfully grown outside of traditional frost fae settlements, with the discovery of the frost fae by the Arcturians a thriving export business has grown around the nectar itself. The unique flavors of the nectar have led to its popularity as a sweet syrupy condiment, an additive for foul tasting herbal remedies, and a flavoring for novelty drinks.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Frost flowers are only found in frigid locations with high magical concentrations. As a result their only known habitats are the Lonely Peaks and the continent of Igoris, particularly the Igoris Mountains. The delicate flowers melt in warmer temperatures due to the heavy concentration of ice crystals within their biological structure.
Average Height
4 ft
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The plants are entirely blue, including the flowers themselves. The Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery hypothesizes this coloration is due to a heavy concentration of ice crystals that give the plant its structure. The SSED has been unable to test this theory due to the Frost Fae's reluctance to provide them with more flower samples for study after the melting of their first generous sampling.

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