Copyrights and User Submissions

Everyone should retain their own ideas, including I want to be clear about submissions of ANY kind:

Fillimet is Copyright © 2019-2021 Angela Biscup. All Rights Reserved.   I appreciate your enjoyment of my writings for Fillimet, and hopes to continue to do so long into the future. Unfortunately this requires some legalese to protect my full rights.   Therefore:  
I (Angela Biscup) DO NOT accept ANY submissions, unless I've asked for them. Period! That includes (but is not limited to) sketches, drawings, notes, stories, and game or character ideas.   In fact, I'm ASKING you NOT to send any such materials (seriously, don't).   If you ignore this request, ANY such materials, comments, suggestions or other information submitted by you to me will become MY property, with me (Angela Biscup) exclusively owning all known and hereafter existing rights to such materials, and you acknowledge and agree not to contest my rights to use and disclose such materials in any manner and for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to you.
  You are more than welcome to create your own Fillimet-inspired works for your own personal (i.e., non-commercial) purposes! However, to cover my rights in cases where fan work may exist which includes information not yet publicly cannon to Fillimet:  
I (Angela Biscup) retain ALL usage rights to information, plots, or personalities pertaining to ANY aspect of Fillimet (including, but not limited to, sketches, drawings, notes, stories, and game or character ideas) within my own works, even if the information, plot, or personality existed prior in fan-made material.
  I appreciate you, and your love of Fillimet! Unfortunately creators in the past have had issues with fans accusing authors of stealing their concepts or ideas and preventing those authors from pursuing their own work to its full potential. This language is to protect my rights to continue to create for Fillimet, and to share and monetize those creations as I see fit.

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