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Subscription Groups

If you are logged into your WorldAnvil account you may be able to view additional information and articles based upon your active subscription groups. This page will show a breakdown of available subscriptions, including how to obtain them. I am still slowly adding hidden information across the world.  

Paid Subscriptions

Currently there are no paid subscriptions to Fillimet, although I do intend to add some in the future.  

Free Self-Assigned Subscriptions

You can claim these subscription levels by clicking to check the boxes below each subscription description, or by visiting Fillimet's Community Hub and assigning them to your profile.  

Magic, Inc.

Magic, Inc. is a small TTRPG group I run using a system called Quest. This subscriber group will allow you to access our session reports and even some small tidbits of information throughout the world.   Magic, Inc.

Friend of the Skyroots

This subscriber group will allow you to view basic background information from Lyrianne of the Song, mostly in the form of timeline events leading up to the events in the story.   This is information that would be known to a family friend on Rol'na and does not include spoilers!   Friend of the Skyroots

Novel Subscriptions

I intend to begin including links at the back of written novels and stories allowing readers to add a subscription unique to the story, unlocking additional information or side stories referenced directly within the story.  

Lyrianne of the Song

This subscription group, once unlocked, will contain information specifically learned or hinted during Lyrianne of the Song.

Storms of Memory

This is a story/series I intend to write based upon A Blossom in the Storm. Currently this subscription group includes all secrets related to these characters and is not available to the public.

Other Subscriptions

These are subscriptions I provide to individuals based upon my interactions with them, or assistance they have provided for me in the past. If you possess any of these they will be listed below.            

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