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Imperial Night Rose

The Imperial Night Rose is best recognized by its small white flowers combined with the humming typically observed by those who are naturally attuned to magic. The plant requires Imperium from the magical fields in addition to water, sunlight, and nutrients. Its flowers are highly addictive if consumed but are sometimes brewed into a tea by mages to restore their Imperium levels. Research is ongoing to determine if their appetite for local magic can be used to cleanse areas warped due to high exposure to magic, such as The Calamity.

Basic Information


The Imperial Night Rose is most easily identified by its small, tight white buds. Those naturally attuned to the use of magic typically feel a noticeable charge in the air or hear a faint humming when in the proximity of the plant due to the raw Imperium collected within the flowers. The plant itself is covered in thin, sharp thorns. Its heart-shaped leaves are a dark green.

Dietary Needs and Habits

In addition to the sun, water, and other nutrients typically required by plants the Imperial Night Rose also requires Imperium which it pulls straight from the magical fields and stores in its flowers.

Additional Information


While sometimes grown domestically as an ornamental or for research the Imperial Night Rose is a temperamental plant for the first five years as it develops its root system for both the nutrients and Imperium it requires. Once established it is a very hardy plant as long as its access to the magical fields is not disrupted.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Due to the Imperial Night Rose's tendency to store raw Imperium within its buds it is occasionally consumed to restore Imperium levels for additional magical casting, typically in tea form. Unfortunately the consumption of the flower is highly addictive in any form, most likely as a result of the consumption of the raw Imperium. Excessive use of the flower leads to Hallucinatory Imperium Oversaturation, an incurable disease of the mind causing visions and hallucinations.   Because the process of how the plant pulls Imperium from the magical fields of its surroundings is not well understood the Herbs are Healing Movement has teamed with the Kogal Taskforce to determine the effectiveness of using the Imperial Night Rose to remove the negative effects of magic exposure, such as The Calamity. Results thus far are inconclusive.
Scientific Name
Rosa imperium
50 years
Conservation Status
Least Concern
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Aug 14, 2019 07:41

Magic tea plants, mmm! I like them, but I would perhaps suggest you restructure the opening paragraph a little: right now, you start with what they require before we even know what they are. :)   How wide-spread is its use?

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Many thanks, and good suggestions! Considering its highly addictive nature, coupled with the mental disorder caused by too much consumption of the flowers, most people try to avoid it except for situations of desperation. At some point I do want to write about a cult or culture or religion (haven't decided which yet) that views the flower more with reverence and uses it in their rituals... But I haven't decided where to put them yet so just keeping it simple for now.

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