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Ice Mushrooms

Ice Mushrooms are rare and valuable, known best for their antivenom properties. The fungus is a surprisingly effective antidote for most poisons.

Basic Information


Ice Mushrooms are fan-shaped, with their mycelium digging deep into the ice on which it anchors. The mushroom caps grow roughly semicircular, anchored to the side of the ice wall. The gills underneath also serve to provide structure for the thin caps.

Ecology and Habitats

Ice Mushrooms grow in caves in extremely frigid environments. The caves of the Igoris Mountains are their only known natural habitat. Due to their strange relationships with the ice of Igoris they must be dried thoroughly prior to heating them or removing them from the continent or they will melt.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Ice Mushrooms are edible, but also useful in medicine. They are well-known as an effective treatment for many kinds of poison. Strangely, they also have minor waterproofing capabilities.   They must be thoroughly dried prior to usage to prevent melting. Mushrooms handled prior to drying can also cause frostbite. Once dried they may be safely handled, rehydrated, and even cooked with no ill effects.
Ice Mushrooms by A. Biscup (SolarCat02)
Scientific Name
Schizophyllum gelida
Geographic Distribution

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